#1 Reason Your Relationships Suffer

This article is from Dr. Margaret Paul, it hit me so profoundly, I wanted to repost it for all of you. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  J ********************************************************************************* Do you long for healthier, more loving relationships, yet find yourself overly focused on seeking approval from others or meeting another person’s needs… leading to frustration and resentment?      Are you often dissatisfied with your partner’s ability to “meet” you and provide you with the love you desire? Do you then try to change them, to make them love you?   You’re not alone... According to Dr. Margaret Paul, the #1 cause of these feelings and behaviors is self-abandonment.   What does it mean to abandon yourself? And why does self-abandonment wreak so much havoc in your relationships or keep you from finding a partner?   There are many ways that we abandon ourselves, according to Dr. Paul — including ignoring our feelings, judging or criticizing ourselves, neglectin…

Make It Stop

How do I make the self sabotage stop?  I’m so pissed today.  Ok, I was pissed yesterday too.  I’ve got every tool in the universe to help me and I tried at least half of them!  Here are just a few: ingesting an anti-anxiety/stress vitamin to balance my chemistry, listening to healing, energizing, calming, meditative music, went for a walk, swung on a swing, tried talking it out, no relief. 
Thought this would make me feel better, tore down all my goals and threw them on the floor, stomped on them (as if that would squirt out the old goo).  Didn’t work!  Then I said to myself, “What’s the point of goals, I’ll just sabotage them anyway.”
Who has the magic pill?  Who helps the healer get off the crazy ugly merry-go-round?  Who’s here for the cheerleader?  No one!  (Which is a false statement, the truth is, when the healer gets this low, it doesn’t matter what anyone says or tries to do—they reject all the love that is put upon them.  Especially when it’s the healers own advice. At th…

Be Careful What You Ask For

Recently, a friend of mine was struggling with a major decision in his life.  In my opinion, he’s been struggling for some time.  See—he and I met because I wanted to sign up for his Qi Gong certification class in Portland.  Our first introduction was over the phone, he said he didn’t have a location yet.  I said, “I do, can we trade cost of tuition for my location?”  “Maybe”, he replied.  To which I said, “Of course, you’ve got to see the place first.”  That was last October 2016. 
We came to an agreement and he was going to teach in Portland, at my place in January…March…then I heard nothing, until last month, August.  It was very frustrating and my life began to move in different directions, I couldn’t count on anything regarding him. Please understand, I have much respect for this individual and am grateful for his expertise; in fact, he has helped me physically and mentally by teaching me simple Qi Gong.
August 23rd  -- Text from him:  Missed that opportunity! Sorry to leave you h…

Bradley's Backhoe

At the age of 22, Bradley, took a leap of faith, and purchased a backhoe.
Bradley starts his story by referring to his grandma saying, “You may not be the smartest boy, but be kind and work hard, you’ll be ok.”  He is definitely OK, thanks to grandma’s words.
This man is one of the most humble people I have run across in a very long time.  With money in his pocket, a beautiful wife, and three stunning children, he slowly tells his story.
"When I was 18 I signed up for the military and served for four years.  I saved up my money, so when I got out of the service I could buy a backhoe and start my own company.  And, that is what I did.

The day I purchased my first piece of equipment, I was scared to death, surprised the salesman didn’t see my legs shaking.  I walked in, took a walk around the lot, picked what I knew I wanted, and paid cash.  The salesman handed me my receipt and told me it was outside."

Salesman:  "Your backhoe is outside; keys are in the ignition so yo…

Being Sick Changes Your Mind

Recently, I received a bladder infection from the cells of my body.Rightfully so, I wasn’t treating them very nice, nor was I giving them enough tools to continually do what I ask of them.(To the souls of my cells, I’m sorry.)
I can be going along fine and they give me my first burning urine as a warning, to which I reply, “This isn’t good”. My body’s history is this -  if I’m not to the doctors within 4-5 hours, I’ve got a full-blown kidney infection that can put me in the hospital. 
Oh shit!
This time, I had no car, none of the neighbors were home and all I had was a bicycle.The nearest doctor was probably a 10-15 minute bike ride away.Not bad when you are well, but when you got burning between your legs and it’s hard to walk...  I may as well of had a covered wagon and had to get to California from Oregon.I began to panic, then the little voice in my head, said “ask Google for home remedies”.So I did. 
I found several videos to watch; I picked ten and started my home treatment wit…


Look inside
Look deep
Look where you reside

Smile and fly
Afraid or weak
On self, you rely
Trust in what you seek

Look deep
See the darkness
Cry and weep

Inside you is trust
Trust what self has to say
Listen deeply, you must
For it is time—today

Stay in the darkness of the past
And your soul will surely die
Break free from its hold at last
Bless the event and fly

Soaring to new heights
A journey of new
Beautiful, magical flights
Believe you can,  Believe in YOU
7.6.2017; Kimmie Kay